Natalie Tuck is a photography obsessed communications professional with a penchant for prose.



A beginner’s guide to sailing the Whitsundays…with kids

You’ve all seen the advertisements right? Calm, azure waters, sun drenched sails billowing in the breeze. Ah, the allure of sailing the Whitsundays. Wouldn’t it be relaxing. Stop. Right. There. Welcome to Whitehaven Beach, where the wind is a fierce 25 knots, the waves are smashing against the catamaran, the kids are taking it in …


Natalie Tuck is a Mornington Peninsula-based photographer and writer. Her work as a communications professional at RMIT University allows her to explore and document the magic of Melbourne, the city she loves so much.

Freelance writing and photography has also kept her busy over the years with work published in a variety of national and local publications. Her latest article was commissioned by Big4 Holiday Parks and was published on

Nat has a Bachelor of Arts (Media Arts and Literature) from Deakin University, where she crafted her photography skills, and a Master of Communications and Media Studies from Monash University.

Nat is endlessly fascinated by travel and in awe of the natural environment. She loves connecting with people, and seeks out stories and places that inspire her to create.


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