The journey continues

As I write this, I’m sitting in our little camper trailer in Kinka Beach. It’s a gorgeous little seaside hamlet, 10 minutes south of Yeppoon, Queensland – most commonly referred to as the Capricorn coast.

The ocean during sunset and moonrise

I’m surrounded by trees (where the resident kookaburras  rule the sound waves with their hearty cackles), the Causeway lakes system and an ocean view that takes in beautiful Great Kepple Island.

I’m describing where I am now because I feel I need to make some sort of declaration about my writing (or lack thereof). Travelling is a great exercise in expectation management. You know what I mean? What you expect the place, that you’ve never been to, will be like. How the journey along the way will be. How much creative time you will have along the way. All of these things were little pockets of expectations I put on myself and the trip. In hindsight (yep, that old water chestnut), I was expecting a lot. When you have an energetic 8 year old son, accommodation that needs about 90 minutes to set up then pack up, things to do, places to explore….you see where I’m going with this right?

Natalie Tuck at the Maritime Museum Sydney

I’ve got 100s of photos of the amazing places we’ve been; hiking and four wheel driving on Fraser Island, sailing the Whitsundays, snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef. I’ve got both hair raising and heart warming stories of our adventures along the way that I’m so excited to share and I will, eventually, I promise.

Young boy sailing the catamaran

So this is our journey so far and it is continuing. The boys have just taken the drone down to the lake to get some aerial shots. I’m about to get a locally sourced seafood platter sorted to share with our friendly neighbours and then it’s time for a sunset walk on the beach to get some photos and to shake off those pesky expectations.

Feet on the dashboard while four wheel driving on the beach at Fraser Island


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